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156.         .                             VERDICT  OX IXDIA
ished. that prison life, by comparison with their own, was a luxury.
'They had no political affiliations. Gandhi, Jinnah, Nehru—
'these were names that meant nothing to them. All they knew was
•that they were hungry and homeless. Normally, they would have
..avoided prison like the plague ; it had an evil name, and after they
•came out of it they would have been even more despised and
rejected than before. But now, for reasons which they did/not
pretend to understand,, prison had suddenly become "respectable."
Their elders and their betters were clamouring to get inside. And
inside, as they well knew, was good food, and clean beds, and no
*cares for the morrow.
To the arguments of their empty stomachs was added the glory
•of martyrdom; the result was inevitable ; they threw their stones,
.flashed their' knives, and swarmed through the gates, their faces
wreathed in smiles.